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An East Texas Water Solution, Red River via Caddo Lake

South Central USA Water Resource

By Jude Ramagosa

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An available water supply for Eastern Texas could be developed with small depletion of the Red River in Louisiana.  Hydrology allows aqueduct water flow from the Red River to Caddo Lake in Louisiana and it's length would be about five miles with sales of $27.44 Million dollars a year.


A few years ago Texas sought contracting water from Toledo Bend, La. but Louisiana "voted to suspend" 1. I believe we can give water to Texas from a different  resource north of Shreveport, La. being the Red River. This river could be partially diverted flowing downhill to Caddo Lake, La. Water from the Texas side of Caddo Lake could be pumped into its' countryside or cities. Water pumped or a Dam located on the Red River above Shreveport elevating water above the Lake allows aqueduct  flow by gravity towards Caddo Lake.


1.The Louisiana-to-Texas Water Deal is Off

...“voted to suspend out of state water sales until a comprehensive water plan for Louisiana has been developed.”...

Red River to Caddo Lake Maps


Below Map shows Texas and Louisiana cities.

Telescoped, Caddo Lake west of Red River bordering Louisiana and Texas.

Telescoped 1 year of low flow

USGS Location

Red River Map of discharge locations and flows

With future  0 F^3 /s (No flow) to Caddo Lake from the Red River because of a 4 month drought  similar to 8/12 to 1/13 above the lake would be able to supply 823 f^3 / s to Texas for this time and level would drop no lower than 8 ft.

CaddoRam1 Concept



Profile Red River to Caddo Lake  SK-1P


Red River

to Caddo




Calculations Pumped Red River to Caddo Lake

Sales of $27.44 Million dollars are from 3 operating pumps at 222.8 ft^3/s each or a total of 831 ft^3/s which equals 196 Billion gallons per year. The electricity cost to operate 3 pumps is $1.536 Million dollars per year. 

Summary Water power and Sales

Pipe size

Height Power

Kinetic Energy Power

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Texas shows a concern because Shreveport may need Caddo Lake water. My concept can store many months of water from the Red River in Caddo Lake and also can be available for Shreveport.
Caddo Lake. Helping Local People to Use Their Educational Infrastructurefor Ecological Stewardship of Ramsar Wetlands 
...-Caddo Lake. As noted, Caddo Lake receives its water from all of the stream segments in the Cypress Basin. Its ecological and water qualities are matters of ongoing review by state agencies. As to Caddo Lake itself, the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) officially noted that it is a future drinking water source for withdrawals by the City of Shreveport, Louisiana. TWDB noted however that “the Board’s forecasts suggest that environmental impacts from potential significant lowering of Caddo Lake levels through expanded water supply use . . . should preclude it from being a viable site of future water supplies.” (Texas Water Development Board. 1997)...  

If Texas has confirmed they have a water concern check if Louisiana is interested in the CaddoRam concept.

What's the Magic Number on Texas' Water Needs? 
Texas has much work to find a water source and I believe the Caddo Ram concept is a very good source that will give Louisiana about $30,000,000 in sales a year by providing approximately 800 CFS for Texas.
Dallas area, northeast Texans split over reservoir in water plan 
My concept (CaddoRam Concept) uses Caddo Lake as a conduit for flow from the Red River equal to flow out of Caddo Lake to Texas keeping Caddo Lake at same volume as though the concept was not installed. If a drought is anticipated, more Red River flow can be diverted to Caddo Lake and the extra can be used during the drought. This may affect natural lake level changes but from historical data on the CaddoRam concept this would happen every seven years. For example during the 2012 drought for 4 months Red River flowed minimum average 1,600 CFS and 800 CFS is needed for Texas. Red River may be able to supply the 800 CFS during the drought and there would be no level impact on Caddo Lake, for the experts to determine. Or Caddo Lake could supply the 800 CFS for 4 months with 0 (Zero) flow from red river and Caddo Lake would drop 8 feet. Caddo Lake normally fluctuates 16 feet and this is only half it's fluctuation.
Joint project looks at Texas watershed 


CaddoRam2 Concept


Profile Red River to Caddo Lake  SK-1



 Red River to Caddo Lake SK-2

Sections Red River to Caddo Lake SK-3
Sections Red River to Caddo Lake SK-4
Sections Red River to Caddo Lake SK-5

CaddoRam3 Concept


CaddoRam3 Concept combines 1 and 2 concepts as a sequence of installations. After concept 1 is installed profits can be saved to pay for concept 2. Concept 2 cost increase for  future Dam 6 and diversion gates. Also may want to add Locks to the Dam with navigation on the Red River above Shreveport and possible navigation from Dam 6 to Caddo Lake via the aqueduct. Or a lock added to the Caddo Lake outlet for navigation from Caddo Lake to Shreveport via Caddo Lake existing outlet flow.


7 years of Red River flow

Telescoped recent 1 year Graph Red River Flow

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