Iberville Parish Recognizing Bernardo de Galvez

Possible Future Bernardo De Galvez National Park

Bernardo De Galvez helped American in the Revolutionary War and because of his great contributions I believe he should be recognized in a memorial for him and should be a new National Park called Bernardo De Galvez National Park.

This is a National Park based on the inspiration Galvez gave to his troops for fighting the war against the English. His inspiration which lead to capturing the Mississippi River from the English helped the 13 states win the war.

A contribution of the Hispanic community fully recognized by America.

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Bernardo De Galvez National Park

The American Revolution in Iberville Parish

Bernardo De Galvez informed his troops of the Spanish declaration of War against the English when Fort Manchac was sighted in what is now known as Iberville Parish on September 6 1779 and the troops cheered with patriotism moving on to fight the English

This type of inspirational moment is the source of History in the making and in order to give proper recognition showing Galvez helped America he was awarded honorary US Citizenship and his portrait was displayed in year 2014 in the Congressional Senate Foreign Relations Committee Room 

The United States of America Dedicates this National Park to Bernardo De Galvez of Spain


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Other states may want to also have a site included in the Possible Future 

Bernardo De Galvez National Park

Spain's gift to the USA, a Bernardo De Galvez statue with a statement by Galvez 1976 


Pensacola, Florida Recognizing Bernardo De Galvez 

with a Future Very Impressive Statue