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Bernardo De Galvez

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Well written summary of Galvez accomplishments helping the American Revolution

National Park Service, Bernardo De Galvez

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Below information is in the rough and will be updated with more details.

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Fort Manchac Declaration of War Historic Marker

Bernardo De Galvez

Historic March or Historic Road

An American Revolution Road assignment for Bernardo De Galvez. Much of the Galvez march was along the Mississippi River and actually very little roads would apply but roads close to the March can have signs such as "Bernardo De Galvez USA March". Roads connecting about 40 Historic markers in the USA could connect to a road path for these markers. I believe the Hispanic community and many Americans would enjoy visiting these markers on a travel trip. Some thoughts on this road.

Possible Galvez March name for signs along roads

1. Galvez March

2. Galvez USA March

3. Galvez American March

4. Bernardo De Galvez March

5. Bernardo De Galvez USA March

6. Bernardo De Galvez American March

7. Galvez Mississippi River March (For Louisiana and Mississippi)

8. Bernardo De Galvez Mississippi River march (For Louisiana and Mississpiip)

Possible Historic Road names

1. Bernardo De Galvez Historic Road

2. Galvez Historic Road

3. Galvez Historic Trail

4. Galvez Trail

5. Galvez March Historic Road

6. Galvez March Historic Trail

7. Galvez March Trail

8. ...


State 1-7 Example: S1. State Bernardo De Galvez Historic Road

National 1-7 Example: N1. National Bernardo De Galvez Historic Road


National Road system

Designs for the Historic Road:

1. Paved Roads closest to the Galvez March should be designated for this Historic Road.

2. Where there are Historic Markers, Historic Sites or Historic Forts existing or non existing the road to these sites to be designated an Historic Road.

3. If an Historic Marker does not exist at an Historic Location an Historic Marker should be located. Memorials or statues etc. is an addition for these locations.

4. A similar in-design sign to be placed close to the Historic Marker giving directions to nearest museum, library etc. that shows more historic information is available at these locations.

5. The more-information site can have literature, 3D downsize of the Historic site, LED etc. video of the enactment.

6. If technologies allow, a communication card can be implemented in or around an Historic Marker and if a cell phone is close to the marker, history and videos can be viewed via the cell phone while at the marker. Existing markers, statues or 3D downsize models can have this card sealed in a copper or metal holder and welded to the marker etc. The card reading should also reference the information site for a fuller Tourist experience of the Galvez location.

7. …

Types of Historic Road:

Three types of Historic Roads can be designed: Local, State, and National

Because Galvez acted in the national interest of America the most fitting Historic Road name is a national historic road. If the road becomes a National Historic Road it should cover roadway from Pensacola, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, through Louisiana to Natchez, Mississippi, Missouri and possible more states also possible Northwest Territories, Caribbean Islands and Northeast America where Galvez protected the French from the English while the French were battling the English protecting America. I.E. all states and islands the Galvez March for America occurred. USA states and foreign countries would need to agree to an Historic road for this to happen in their location. To help all locations, the USA can agree to support any location worldwide with at least road signs and there would be an International Historic road system for Galvez.


Reasons why the road should be a National Historic road:

1. Galvez fought for America and before the revolution he fought in Texas and was injured. He he had great compassion for his prisoners.

2. Without hesitation time after time Galvez sacrificed his life for the cause of helping America. He attacked even without help, as needed, he also attacked when his supplies were lost several times with hurricanes.

3. When the Northwest Territories (Presently 6 States bordering the Great Lakes) were being taken from the English by the Continental Congress forces, commander George Rogers Clark, there was a danger of losing the battles. Many troops were injured, ammunition was low and the army was out of money. Galvez sent a ship with muskets, ammunition, medicine and $70,000 to the American Army and they won the battles against the English.

4. Galvez started his march in New Orleans with an army of Indians, Free Blacks, Veterans, and American soldiers. He inspired them by announcing the Spanish Declaration of War against the English when Fort Manchac was in sight in what is now as Iberville Parish. The troops cheered and became patriotic with moving forward, attacking the English, and chasing them to Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

5. Next he used great military deception of the enemy and won the Battle of Baton Rouge.

6. Commanded English Lt. Col. Alexander Dickson, in Baton Rouge, to sign a demand for his soldiers in Natchez, Mississippi to surrender to Galvez as they did surrender. Galvez helped in other southern states.

7. All of these battles were held with little loss of life because Galvez and the agent of the American Congress Oliver Pollock had great strategic plans.

8. Galvez helped the Continental Congress write America's forming documents.

9. Next Galvez marched against the seaport of Mobile Alabama then to Pensacola Florida and started a strategic fight against the English fort without his Admiral assisting him.

10. Also Galvez helped in the Caribbean Islands and Northeast America where he protected the French with his ships.


Reason why the road should be a Local or State Historic Road:

For byways a State Byway needs to be generated before a National Byway can be nominated, but this does not seem to apply for Historic Roads and may not be necessary. Other States may not want to participate as a National Historic Road but seems like they would be interested because of the historic and tourism value...

Worldwide Historical Markers for the Bernardo De Galvez March

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Map of markers (44) worldwide for Galvez, some are not Bernardo De Galvez

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Map of Markers (25) for Bernardo De Galvez, some Bernardo De Galvez markers are missing

Historical Markers of the Revolutionary War Continental Congress

Military supporting the Galvez March

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Historical Markers of the Revolutionary War Military Leaders

of the Continental Congress who were supported by Galvez

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Historical Markers of the Revolutionary War associated

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